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Women in the Old Testament

Bible Study will begin on Tuesday evening, September 10, 2019, at 7:30 pm and repeated on Thursday morning, September 12, 2019, at 9:30 am. This study has 10 sessions, incorporating an introduction and 9 study lessons. 

Cost for the 10 weeks Bible Study will be $20.00 per person which covers the cost of your study set, DVD video for each session and miscellaneous cost. Make the check out to Corpus Christi Catholic Church. 

Contact Information: Tom Jones, Director of Community Life 803-359-4391 or email Also Fran Jones, Bible Study Coordinator 803-315-5815.

While the men of the Old Testament often garner the most attention, the women of the Old Testament become all the more worthy of our interest because we have to dig deeper to recover their special contribution to the annals of faith. Their stories are all the more remarkable in that they arise from historical eras that crimped their options in influencing or changing the flow of history. The women of this study can be bold and decisive, also meek and faithful, but they are always compelled to act in ways that bring about change. God's saving deeds often came through the mind and will of amazing women using limited resources.

Weekly Sessions 
Introductory Session 
Lesson 1—Women of Israel's Beginnings
Lesson 2—More Women of Israel's Beginnings
Lesson 3—Women of Israel's Passover
Lesson 4—Women of Israel's Early Tribes
Lesson 5—More Women of Israel's Early Tribes
Lesson 6—Women of Israel's Monarchy
Lesson 7—Woman, Image of God
Lesson 8—Women of Courage and Strength
Lesson 9—Queen Esther


Contact information: 

Tom Jones,
Director of Community Life 

Fran Jones, Coordinator



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